If you are reading this, then you are either wandering around the web at random or you've been directed here. This space is set aside for Myles to distribute various files of his, whether they're bits of text or (perhaps eventually) freeware. I suppose the very existence of this section makes me somewhat of a miscellanarian.

Subreality people are probably here for the "Mike" story (see below). Since all of you are writers, and good ones at that, I'd like to invite you to join the other talented writers at Covenant MUD and help build the world. At the very least, connect to the MUD and have a look around. You'll be able to see that we're one of the 1% or so of all MUDs that actually care about quality of writing! You may also enjoy looking at the Tourist's Guide to Tierceron which is a nice little parody of bad travel writing.

Of course if you look around further, you'll see a bunch of potentially interesting character classes, so if designing skills and spells is more your thing we can work with that too. :) We're basically working out an online RPG from scratch here (a very interesting little project!)


Magnetic Poetry Transcriptions
On the origins of The Rubaiyat of Sir Humphrey Smythe-Holmquist. A story of found art and creativity within constraints.
Remotely Possible
A short story that I wrote in high school that I posted here because one of my students wanted something to read while waiting for her lesson.
Mike's Story
The "Mike" story, more correctly titled The Walk and probably now better known by the unofficial title Beset by Bandits. (I'm doing this in installments. Check back periodically for updates.)
Music 116
Some of my archived assignments for the course MUS 116 at the University at Buffalo. I'm not teaching the course, but a couple of UB students have wandered in from various search engines, so I'm keeping these downloadable PDFs available.
Music 500
Some of my archived assignments and quizzes for the course MUS 500 at the University at Buffalo. This is a very spotty and incomplete archive...