Covenant MUD

Covenant MUD is a MUD that has been designed by a small but very dedicated staff. The "Covenant" is the name given to the political alliance between the central provinces located on the only explored continent. The capital city, Tierceron, is now open for visitors. If you are interested in becoming an immortal on Covenant, please use the "Contact" menu option to email the owners of Covenant MUD.

NEW! We're back in development after a prolonged absence. Please see our news and release notes for regular updates.

Table of Contents

Login to the MUD via telnet.
Important announcements and information as we continue to grow.
Useful information for players, including information on our classes and races.
Information about the world in which the Covenant is set, including short stories and maps.
Excerpts from “A Tourist's Guide to Tierceron” with tonnes of information about the highlights of the capital city.
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