Covenant MUD


  1. Sciurus, the Squirrel
  2. Cervus, the Stag
  3. Vacca, the Cow
  4. Poculum, the Cups
  5. Cocleola, the Snail
  6. Curra, the Trickster
  7. Reliquum, the Remainder
  8. Trapezium, the Trapezoid
  9. Columba, the Dove
  10. Ranunculus, the Tadpole
  11. Cuniculus Minor, the Lesser Rabbit
  12. Venatus, the Hunter
  13. Cuniculus Major, the Greater Rabbit
  14. Diadema, the Crown
  15. Furca, the Fork
  16. Vespa, the Wasp
  17. Gladius, the Sword
  18. Culebra, the Boa Constrictor
  19. Candelabrum, the Candle
  20. Athenosates, the Elephant
  21. Scarabaeus, the Beetle


  1. Cauda
  2. Splendescere
  3. Concha
  4. Suerte
  5. Stultus
  6. Secretum
  7. Zanahoria
  8. Spaccus

*This connecting line is under dispute by astronomers. The constellation of Reliquum has a somewhat auspicious history—after the rest of the sky had been partitioned into the officially recognized constellations, Reliquum was quite literally made up of the stars that were left over. Younger astronomers have pointed out that Reliquum resembles the number 42; older astronomers think this is a ridiculous shape for a constellation, because the number forty-two has no mythical, mystical, or astronomical significance whatsoever.

Drawing of summer constellations of the northern Covenant—provided courtesy of the Thephian Near-Equatorial Observatory in association with the University of Tierceron. Incomplete constellations at or near the horizon may not appear in this drawing. Used with permission.