Covenant MUD


  1. Aquifolium, the Holly
  2. Cornix, the Crow
  3. Mus, the Mouse
  4. Musci Pulum, the Mouse Trap
  5. Umbra Vallis, the Valley of Shadows
  6. Radix, the Radish
  7. Bubo, the Owl
  8. Arca, the Arches
  9. Ursus, the Bear
  10. Catena, the Chain
  11. Pulex, the Flea
  12. Obnibilus
  13. Quadratum Magus, the Great Square
  14. Lebes, the Basin
  15. Felis Minor, the Lesser Cat
  16. Felis Major, the Greater Cat
  17. Perexiguus, the Very Small constellation
  18. Funesticus (named for the great hero of mythology)
  19. Triangulum, the Triangle
  20. Serpens, the Snake
  21. Aratum, the Plough
  22. Vacca, the Cow
  23. Mundanis, the Straight Line
  24. Saltatrix, the Dancer
  25. Anfractus, the Zigzag


  1. Iungere
  2. Molestus
  3. Filum
  4. Faex
  5. Vertex

Drawing of winter constellations of the northern Covenant—provided courtesy of the Thephian Near-Equitorial Observatory in association with the University of Tierceron. Incomplete constellations at or near the horizon may not appear in this drawing. Used with permission.