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Allow me to introduce myself: I am Myles Skinner, and I'd like to welcome you to my website. I make my living as a web developer, although I am educated and trained as a classical trombonist, composer, and music theorist. I use this web space to showcase not only my professional web development work but also a number of my creative endeavours, including two large projects: Covenant MUD, and my doctoral dissertation. The site is organized into sections: the tabbed navigation across the top gives you access to the main sections of the site, while the menus in the left sidebar allow you to navigate through each subsection.

Table of Contents

My Development Portfolio
My virtual portfolio, presenting samples of my web development work.
Covenant MUD
A MUD is a large, text-based, multiplayer game. Our MUD is in its early stages of development, although we do have some ambitious plans for its continued progress.
I set out to learn Vue.js, and ended up writing an "emulator" (sort of). I tell the story of the development process.
My PhD Dissertation
Official Title: Toward a Quarter-Tone Syntax: Selected Analyses of Works By Blackwood, Hába, Ives, and Wyschnegradsky, although online bibliographies that link to my dissertation seem to think the title is Quarter Tones, which is close enough.
I initially set this section up as a temporary place to share some concert recordings. Eventually, I'll add some more music, but for the moment, this section is pretty empty.
Assorted writings, various odds and sods. Pathetically empty at the moment; you'd think I'd never written much of anything...a minor curiosity: it seems that University at Buffalo students taking the course Music 116 (Theory of Music for Non-Majors) are still finding their way to my old assignment archives through Google, so I'm keeping these dusty old PDFs available in the hope that they will give somebody something to practice with.
Commodore Projects
I've been working with the Commodore 64 for decades and accumulated a lot of material. I've started collecting some of my research projects and writings in this section.

Useless trivia: I also happen to be the Myles Skinner listed as mskinner@julian.uwo.ca in all the CBM FAQs, so in the unlikely event you want to ask me about GEOS (and in the even more unlikely event that I'll remember enough to give you a useful answer), then I am that guy. (Really!) And, yes, I still own the weird VIC-20 with PET-style keys in its keyboard—although we know today that this model isn't so weird after all.