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The Cloisters

Your visit to Tierceron will be much more satisfying if you understand something of the people who give the city its special character. In the picturesque, folkloric neighbourhood known as the Cloisters, you can see the more colourful side of Tierceron. This amusingly proletarian neighbourhood is home to a bustling street scene. Keep your head down: it's a good way to catch a glimpse of city life without being intrusive!

Not To Be Missed

Elmwood Manor is the pride and joy of Tierceron, and rightly so. Constructed in the late thirteenth century, the manor was home to the Jones family, moguls of their very own flax and linseed oil empire. The Manor was declared a site of provincial historic significance, being one of the few original structures remaining in the city. Admission is free, but a helping hand—in the form of money—is always welcome.