Covenant MUD


• Perched on the edge of the picturesque Lac Gravette escarpment, The Pewter Pot Inn is a cozy refuge from the hustle and bustle of downtown Tierceron, with fine dining and gracious accommodations.

• Located in the picture-perfect former abattoir, the Idlewyld Inn Bed and Breakfast is a good base for exploring the exciting, vibrant panorama that is downtown Tierceron.

• If you enjoy the combination of devout religious ceremony and serious financial acumen, don't leave town—instead, book a room at the Dusty Traveller, located conveniently between the Church of the White Lady and the Covenant Trust's main office.

Not To Be Missed

Across from the Tierceron Civic Centre, the opulent Hotel Royale is charming in its modesty. Come to the Moonshadow Lounge and enjoy the harpsichord stylings of talented local members of the Musicians' Guild. Delight at the epicurean marvels of Chez Samuel, an upscale bastion of haut-couture and nouvelle cuisine featuring an ambience of refined elegance. The hotel is known throughout the Covenant thanks largely to its whimsical interior design scheme, created by local phenom Aubrey Smythe-Jones, that will inspire and amuse artist and artizan alike. Each room has a unique flavour; which one will you sample?