Covenant MUD

University Quarter

Education, entertainment, religion, and commerce—these disparate worlds are brought together in the colourful mosaic that is known as the University Quarter. Home to not only the University of Tierceron, the Quarter hosts a bevy of quaint shops including Gammage's, "The Oldest Florist in the Big T." Celebrate your religion or just enjoy the majestic architecture of the Temple of the Crystal Orb. Whatever you desire, from learning to consumer goods, the University Quarter can provide the perfect place to spend a quiet day.

Not To Be Missed

Brandenburg Opera House is the jewel in the crown of Tierceron's theatre district. Long known for its productions of grand musicals, riveting dramas, and comical burlesques, the Opera House is fast becoming famous for its lavish set design and outstanding orchestrations. Many of the Covenant's finest actors and actresses, musicians and singers, playwrights and composers have graced the stage in productions as diverse as Arcangelo Spumoni's traditional Latatian oratorio Venter Caret Auribus and Ned Brockelhurst's outre experientialist masterwork The Garden of Death, or How I Spent My Summer Vacation. Brandenburg Opera House is the place to be seen.