Covenant MUD

Fenningdon Ward

The upscale, ultra-modern neighbourhood known as Fenningdon Ward will reward an afternoon's walking tour. The grand central offices of the Covenant Trust Company, in the heart of Tierceron's financial district, although ostentatious, exude farmhouse charm. The Cultured Coiffeur is a powdered wig superstore, while Megan Q's, behind the facade of the white cottage, puts fashion on the racks that is avant garde, au courant, and passe all at the same time. Soup connaisseurs beware: The Wizard's Soup Bowl is not for the faint of heart. All hope abandon, ye who undertip here!

Not To Be Missed

The Church of the White lady is a fine example of 14th-century Saxon architecture. For many years, the church tower was a valuable landmark for ships far out on lac Gravette. Today, the tower takes its place among the towers of Tierceron's skyline. The church is renowned for its exquisitely detailed frescoes, which can be found upstairs in the Great Hall. Many a peaceful moment can be spent in the Garden Aviary observing the slow progress of the Clarendon River as it passes through the church grounds.