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Visit stately Elmwood Manor

Elmwood Manor

Step back in time to the colonial days of Tierceron, when Elmwood Manor was the only house in Fort Bitumen. To a time when explorers attempted to find rich sources of coal. To an age of elegance when wealthy homes were furnished with exquisite antiques and historic treasures. Although surrounded by the city today, the Manor amid its recreated gardens is a place of beauty and tranquility.

Elmwood Manor, located on the corner of Queen Street and Pennyfather's Rents, is open daily. Admission is free but the Elmwood Historical Society does ask that a small donation be made in order to preserve the quality of the museum displays.

Elmwood Manor was donated to the city of Tierceron by the Overbeck family, who have graciously provided family furnishings and priceless treasures. Tours of the Manor are available throughout the year.

Visit Elmwood Manor where the hectic pace of today slips away!

Visit stately Elmwood Manor

Sponsored in part by: The Tierceron Regional Art and Historical Museum (TRAHM), the City of Tierceron, GreenTrees, and Urban Ponder's Coffee and Doughnuts