Covenant MUD

Clarendon Ward

Nestled in an idyllic setting on the banks of the Clarendon River, Clarendon Ward is almost a throwback to centuries long passed—a step back into the more simple times before Tierceron became the world-class city it is today. Quirky and eclectic, Stockfish Row hosts some of Tierceron's more adventurous entrepeneurs; the capricious Tierceron Star building is an immense cathedral of hard-nosed journalism. Front Street Phrenology is home to Fergus McArdle, formerly of Ranier, and inventor of the McArdle Scale of Comparative Cranial Topography. With harvest season upon us, the Oak Grove Market has gathered up the treasures and put them in its stalls. Follow the river down to the shores of lac Gravette—in Clarendon Ward your adventure begins 17 months of the year!

Not To Be Missed

In 1304, the citizens of Dunsbury constructed a splendid Town Hall complete with a commodious theatre intended to attract travelling troupes. Now home to Mixolydian Hall, the former town hall provides the townsfolk with a central place to congregate for both business and social occasions. Mixolydian Hall is currently closed for renovations, but look for it to reopen some time before January 1610!